Ep 47: Tina Murray - Design it, Communicate it and Live it!

February 21, 2018

Tina Murray is an author and podcaster who is all about Designing You.  She believes we all have the tools inside us to create a life we want.  It's important to be clear about what you want which many people aren't.  Tina works with clients to conceptualise their own Strategic Personal Brief and create a blueprint to construct the life they really want.Tina has a huge purpose of helping schools in Ghana and is involved with her charity to do this. 


Ep 46: Shannon Walbran - Spirit Guide Interpreter

February 14, 2018

Shannon Walbran is an international psychic and spiritual mentor who has helped more than 25000 people.  Shannon is vibrant and entertaining and amazingly is 48 and has travelled to 48 countries.  She is an author, radio star and someone who brings clients accurate and specific answers to their toughest personal and professional questions.  She truly believes that "You are Guided" and the way to live your best life is to tune into your divine guidance and then follow it.  Her vision is to work herself out of a job.


Ep 45: Lisa Murray - Living Beyond Burnout

February 7, 2018

Lisa Murray is an unconventional business coach and prolific writer.  Her latest book Living Beyond Burnout which you can find more about on livingbeyondburnout.com.  She sees life as an adventure rather than something you put up with.  As she had severe burnout she has found out how to choose to live a life where she loves every moment not just a holiday, a weekend or next year.  Lisa has a great question that she asks of herself, listen in to find out what this is.  Her advice is to Be bold, be vulnerable and be willing to be creative.


Ep 44: Caroline Southwell - Dance with the Fear

January 31, 2018

Caroline Southwell shows how she dances with the fear, she believes in being Brave and helps others have the courage to leave behind old versions of themselves. Caroline loves adventures and being an entrepreneur.  She thinks big and expansively and has the hard conversations.  Caroline helps humans to love who they are and create a life they totally love by being themselves.  You can contact her through her website carolinesouthwell.com


Ep 43: Jeni Clift - Know What Drives You

January 24, 2018

Jeni Clift is goal driven person whose ultimate goal is for her organisation to be recognised as one of the top 50 Employers in Australia.  Jeni's latest goal is to become a well known speaker to the IT industry.  She shares with us what drives her and how knowing that clarifies her steps to get to her goals.  Listen for more if you want to know about her 7 car garage analogy.  Having a bucket list is key for Jeni too and I love what she had on it - go to Richard Branson's Island by personal invite, have a retirement home for old dogs and to travel (she's already been to 28 countries).   


Ep 42: Cris Valladolid - Action Taking in the Face of Fear

January 17, 2018

Cris Valladolid has felt the fear of moving from a secure job to going into her own online business.  She takes action in the face of fear and sets goals each day to overcome it.  Cris wants to inspire men and women who have been through challenges in life like she has so her future vision is to author a book about change.   She is so passionate about helping others take the stress out of technology.  Enjoy Cris' journey from being in a bank in the Phillippines, to being a VA to now owning her own business.


Ep 41: Rachel Allan - When Business Meets Baby

January 10, 2018

Rachel Allan is a role mother to her energetic daughter but this did not happen overnight.  Rachel shares with us when her life became totally different to what she thought it would be having a baby.  She now helps mums who are struggling with their life balance, having baby and a business.  Rachel also shares a message of surrounding yourself with people who lift you up and that you don't need to be Supermum.  "When Business Meets Baby" is Rachel's amazing book to help out mum's find their life balance.  For free chapters of the book go to www.rachelallan.com.au


Ep 40: Colm Whooley - Challenging the Norm

January 3, 2018

Colm Whooley coaches people with a disability and in business.  He had a motorbike crash when he was young and his passion for getting out there has not wavered.  Colm wants to challenge the norm of disability and coaching.  He shares his story that has taken him from being a CEO to a coach where he still challenges himself.  Some of his achievements are writing a book about martial arts, jumping out of planes and getting people to inspire themselves. 


Ep 39: Stacey Huish - 1000 Ripple Effects

December 27, 2017

Stacey Huish is a game changer.  Her purpose to publish a book with 1000 authors is amazing.  She is a free spirit who is a lover of life, a heart healer and an earth healer.  Stacey wants to help as many people as possible to live passionate, purpose filled lives.  Her passion for life and her project really shines through in this interview.


Ep 38: Trilby Johnson - Fearlessly Alone

December 20, 2017

Trilby Johnson is an Author, Speaker and Body Energy Alchemist.  She shares her journey from hating herself to now loving herself.  Trilby bares all for us and shares so much wisdom in how to now be totally present every day, that everything is a choice and that connection with ourselves is important so that it flows to others.  Follow my joy and have fun is Trilby's key to life. To contact Trilby go to www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com.