Ep 59: Mike Noone - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

May 16, 2018

Mike is the first of our 1000 Ripple Effect authors. The theme of the book is “what advice would you give a 15-21 year making the transition from boy to man, girl to woman. Mike shares with us his journey of challenges from transitioning from childhood to adulthood, to having his life partner die of cancer and losing his money and business. Mike also shares the importance of not giving your power away due to not wanting to rock the boat. He believes you need to design your life the way you want to live it every day.  For more on 1000 Ripple Effects go to http://www.1000rippleeffects.com.  You can find Mike on FB under Michael Ross Noone.


Ep 58: Hayley Lingard - Love Thy Temple

May 9, 2018

Hayley Lingard is a Social Worker and Heath Coach. She has spend the last 15 years of her career working predominantly in child protection and trauma related fields. Hayley has also represented Australia internationally in boxing.

She gives great advice about having experiences rather than material things so that you can really find out who you really are.


Ep 57: Leanne Blaney - Adventure and Sparkle are Key

May 2, 2018

I’m usually your host for this podcast but this time I decided a reverse interview is in order. Today Trevor Carll is interviewing me on my story to give you beautiful listeners an idea of where I’ve come from and why I do this podcast. Hear my story of breaking free of the rules of society and conforming with what’s seen as 'appropriate behaviour'. I believe stop being superwoman or superman and being busy for everyone else. Take time for yourself to live every day with adventure and sparkle.


Ep 56: Andrew Jobling - Kicking On

April 25, 2018

Andrew Jobling has had an amazing life from being a professional footballer at the St Kilder Football Club to being a published author. Andrew now lives how he chooses to. He has had his challenges in business and was coming from a place of desperation when he wrote his first book which catapulted his career and life. He believes in having the big vision and loves to inspire others to have the same so they stop overthinking, over analyzing and take action right now.


Ep 55: Debra Hill - Find the Magic

April 18, 2018

Debra Hill is a Business Strategist and Coach who excels at 'getting under the hood' of her clients' businesses.  She shares her story from being very ill as a child and not expecting to get past toddler to living a very full life.  Debra has had tragedy in her life but she has made it her mission to enable entrepreneurs to step out confidently and grow a profitable business they love.  She also lives adventurously which brings her great joy. 


Ep 54: Samantha Riley - Global Thought Leader

April 11, 2018

Samantha Riley is a speaker and co founder of the Global Thought Leaders Network, she has 25 years experience in building and growing businesses. Sam shares with us how she made her first million in her twenties. She sees herself as a business nerd so much is her passion for business. Having been through some personal trials and tribulations she believes that the key is to know your vision of where you want to end up but don’t let that overwhelm you, just take the next step towards that vision.


Ep 53: Dr Shara Downey - Empowering Women in Wellness

April 4, 2018

Dr Shara Downey loves to help people regain their optimal health and have the tools to help themselves as well. As a Canadian living in Singapore she empowers female wellness leaders and helps others grow their wellness business.

As an advneturous person her favourite saying is “What’s the worst that can happen?” which then leads to "What is the next step I need to do?".

Visit her website www.drshara.com for her free ebook: Think Outside the Box.


Ep 52: Dave Edelstein - Spirit of Adventure

March 28, 2018

Dave Edelstein is the mind behind Better Than Be4. He has such a spirit of adventure. Moving from New York, to Ecuador to pursue his passion of helping others he has taught English, been involved in soil conservation and found out how to transition from being an employee to self employed. Having a heart attack on the Galapagos Islands certainly changed his trajectory as he now offers heath and wellness coaching online. Here is his blog link http://www.btrthanb4.com/blog/


Ep 51: Christopher Howson - Follow Your Heart

March 21, 2018

Christopher Howson has experienced pain in his life and been through hard times and suffering depression.  He has gone from living a gangster lifestyle to living one that inspires others to get through and create a life where they discover their unique gifts.  Christopher is a truly inspirational story-teller and uses his words to help him on his mission of putting an end to suicide and depression.  His facebook page is Legacy of Champions and Christopher is a true champion.


Ep 50: Felicia Drayton - Living Free as a Feather

March 14, 2018

Felicia Drayton helps women be “living free as a feather”.  She is vivacious and entertaining as she talks about the health and mindset issues she has been through to now be a budding health coach transitioning from her 9-5 into an area where she can help women love themselves again.  Felicia also has passion projects where in the future she would love to help students eat right. She is also passionate about getting her clients off the diets and fads to giving themselves the best, the best nutrition they can.