Ep 40: Colm Whooley - Challenging the Norm

January 3, 2018

Colm Whooley coaches people with a disability and in business.  He had a motorbike crash when he was young and his passion for getting out there has not wavered.  Colm wants to challenge the norm of disability and coaching.  He shares his story that has taken him from being a CEO to a coach where he still challenges himself.  Some of his achievements are writing a book about martial arts, jumping out of planes and getting people to inspire themselves. 


Ep 39: Stacey Huish - 1000 Ripple Effects

December 27, 2017

Stacey Huish is a game changer.  Her purpose to publish a book with 1000 authors is amazing.  She is a free spirit who is a lover of life, a heart healer and an earth healer.  Stacey wants to help as many people as possible to live passionate, purpose filled lives.  Her passion for life and her project really shines through in this interview.


Ep 38: Trilby Johnson - Fearlessly Alone

December 20, 2017

Trilby Johnson is an Author, Speaker and Body Energy Alchemist.  She shares her journey from hating herself to now loving herself.  Trilby bares all for us and shares so much wisdom in how to now be totally present every day, that everything is a choice and that connection with ourselves is important so that it flows to others.  Follow my joy and have fun is Trilby's key to life. To contact Trilby go to www.trilbyjohnsontheconnective.com.


Ep 37: Jimena - The Body Love Coach

December 13, 2017

Our latest guest is Jimena.  Jimena specialises in Body Coaching.  She has been on a journey to discover that focusing on the body is one of the main ways to create our love relationships.  Jimena focuses on the body and says when we connect with oruselves, accept who we are the body encompassess all since we are a whole being.  Jimena shares her story from when she was attacked at age 7 in Peru to where she is now wanting to travel the world with her workshop where she combines coaching with threatre.  Her website is playingtobe.com.


Ep 36: Natasa Denman - The Ultimate 48 Hour Author

December 6, 2017

Natasa Denman is the Ultimate 48 Hour Author.  She shares with us a defining moment where her journey started to become the ultimate 48 hour author.  Her vision is to help 1000 people by 2020 write their own books.   Natasa says that change is necessary and learn to embrace it, also it is so important to continue working on your mindset.  See more of Natasa on ultimate48hourauthor.com.au and natasadneman.com. 


Ep 35: Emily Chadbourne - Happy Human Being

November 29, 2017

Emily Chadbourne shares with us her personal and business transformation.  She talks of going from not liking herself to a happy human being. Emily is REAL, she talks of tight butt moments, being scrappy messy humans and the jackhammers and the hummingbirds.  You'll have to listen to hear the hilarious and valuable tips she gives. 


Ep 34: Alexis Jane - Journey Back to You

November 22, 2017

Alexis Jane is a Transformational Coach.  She is all about quietening the mind and helping people come back to self.  Alexis Jane has been able to transform her own life to one she loves and wants to help others also achieve their desires. Find more about Alexis Jane on her website alexis-jane.com.


Ep 33: Renee Hasseldine - Share Your Passion

November 15, 2017

This week's guest is Renee Hasseldine.  She is the thought leader and visionary Director behind her consultancy Share Your Passion.  Renee is passion personified.  As a mum she has committed to working only 20 hours per week during school terms.  This means she is living a life on her terms, being the person who lives her purpose and empowering others to do the same.  Enjoy Renee's infectious enthusiasm.


Ep 32: Dani Strong - Living with Vitality

November 8, 2017

Dani Strong is a certified holistic nutrition, lifestyle and vitality coach.  She thrives on seeing women thirve, that they are living vitality.  Dani has a message to get out there of living with vitality which she wants to share with as many people as possible.  She has been helped to find her brave and stop living groundhog day where she had got herself stuck to living her purpose, loving who she is and feeling phenomenal.  Go to www.danivitality.com for more about Dani.


Ep 31: Andrew Eggelton - The HeART of Presenting

November 1, 2017

Andrew Eggelton is a modern day Spiritual Rebel, Author, TV Presenter, Speaker, multi Award winning Producer and Host ofthe Business Playroom series.  He has worked in the entertainment industry for over 23 years (worked with people l ike Ryan Gosling, Michael J Fox and Peter Jackson).  Andrew walks us through what has been happening since the last time we spoke in Episode 10, his presenting workshops have ignited and he is taking things to another level.  Go to www.andreweggelton.com for more about his events.