Ep 19: Marcus Savidis - The Savi Solution

July 4, 2017

Marcus Savidis has experienced the highs and lows so knows all the ends of the spectrum.  He is full of compassion and understanding about what life can deliver.  Marcus inspires others to escape the fragility of fear and doubt and move towards self-love and self-trust.  If you want to know about Sales, Marcus is your man.  He can help you have those sales conversations comfortably and artfully whilst being heart-centred.  He shares with us how he got to this point in his life to be the savvy solution.


Ep 18: Ella - Love Coach

June 27, 2017

Ella (also known as Pam Ella) is such a Goddess.  She has created a rising of women across the world by calling them to embrace their Goddess too as well as igniting their inner fire and claiming their BRAVE.  Ella has such beautiful life force energy and talks about the importance of being grateful, balancing your masculine and feminine and how she overcame challenges such as Bulimia and drug addiction.  She can relate to so many people from her experiences and I am so appreciative of her ability to share her story. She wants to share with everyone a free mp3 to Take back your power: https://goddessinbody.com/power-meditation/.  Or go to her website tantraella.com.


Ep 17: Lisa Stallard - The Divine Feminine

June 20, 2017

Lisa Stallard has a calm soul and beautiful presence.  She is dedicated to supporting women reach their highest potential by tapping into their feminine qualities and gifts.  Lisa shares with us her story and personal soul journey to uncover and resurrect her divine feminine. 


Ep 16: Gill Hartley - The Decluttering Queen

June 13, 2017

This week's guest is Gill Hartley who is better known as The Decluttering Queen.  Gill is passionate with helping busy women to declutter and organise their lives.  She has been featured in the book Extraordinary Business Women.  Gill has many tools and techniques to help with decluttering and she shares with us how challenges help you grow. 


Ep 15: Fiona Craig - The Life Balance Coach

June 6, 2017

Fiona is an award winning author of Stuck In A Rut - How to Rescue Yourself and Live Your Truth.  She shares her passion for helping people and how she lives a balanced life.  Fiona specialises in helping women remove fear, worry and guilt that stops them from creating the life they want to live.  Connecting with people is so important for Fiona. Listen to her special mentors (one might have been Oprah), how she has persisted through uncomfortable situations, and persevered when times were tough to live a flexible life.


Ep 14: Angela Kambouris - Success is created within!

May 30, 2017

The amazing Angela Kambouris shares her story on how she now leads her own global consultancy, helping others unlock their human potential to deliver extraordinary results.  She assists others in realising their leadership capacity and strengths.  Ange is a speaker, writer, coach and mentor who works with world class human influencers. 


Ep 13: Simon Price - PEPT in Your Step

May 23, 2017

Simon Price is an amazing man.  He has faced many challenges in his life.  He perseveres in the face of adversity.  Simon is part of the Personal Existence Personal Training locations in Central Queensland, Australia.  He wants to have a massive impact on the world and his vision of combating suicide rates globally is part of this.  Hear his raw and true interview.


Ep 12: Jane Turner - Thrive in Midlife

May 9, 2017

The beautiful Jane Turner is a former public servant turned book writing coach.  She is passionate about helping people to be comfortable in their skin and is also a speaker and runs retreats.  Jane's mentor, Joseph Campbell, has enabled her to go the hero's journey, to use it to her advantage and help others heal through writing their own story too. 


Ep 11: Dina Cooper - Raising Happy Humans

May 2, 2017

Dina Cooper is a change maker.  She is so passionate about raising our next generation of kids and disrupting the current school system to help them as well as assisting parents and teachers to become more resilient and empowered.  Coming from a corporate background Dina had felt she had checked out of life and was not engaging with anyone fully.  By finding her calling in parenting coaching she has found her passion.


Ep 10: Andrew Eggelton - The X Factor

April 25, 2017

Andrew Eggelton has the X Factor and he works with others to discover their X Factor and to bring back the power of play.  He's worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and now is a coach who doesn't believe in being cookie cutter but serving his clients with a specific and uniquely crafted approach.  Andrew is gifted with presenting and his intuitive approach in one to one or workshops has been very successful.