Ep 14: Angela Kambouris - Success is created within!

May 30, 2017

The amazing Angela Kambouris shares her story on how she now leads her own global consultancy, helping others unlock their human potential to deliver extraordinary results.  She assists others in realising their leadership capacity and strengths.  Ange is a speaker, writer, coach and mentor who works with world class human influencers. 


Ep 13: Simon Price - PEPT in Your Step

May 23, 2017

Simon Price is an amazing man.  He has faced many challenges in his life.  He perseveres in the face of adversity.  Simon is part of the Personal Existence Personal Training locations in Central Queensland, Australia.  He wants to have a massive impact on the world and his vision of combating suicide rates globally is part of this.  Hear his raw and true interview.


Ep 12: Jane Turner - Thrive in Midlife

May 9, 2017

The beautiful Jane Turner is a former public servant turned book writing coach.  She is passionate about helping people to be comfortable in their skin and is also a speaker and runs retreats.  Jane's mentor, Joseph Campbell, has enabled her to go the hero's journey, to use it to her advantage and help others heal through writing their own story too. 


Ep 11: Dina Cooper - Raising Happy Humans

May 2, 2017

Dina Cooper is a change maker.  She is so passionate about raising our next generation of kids and disrupting the current school system to help them as well as assisting parents and teachers to become more resilient and empowered.  Coming from a corporate background Dina had felt she had checked out of life and was not engaging with anyone fully.  By finding her calling in parenting coaching she has found her passion.


Ep 10: Andrew Eggelton - The X Factor

April 25, 2017

Andrew Eggelton has the X Factor and he works with others to discover their X Factor and to bring back the power of play.  He's worked in the entertainment industry for over 20 years and now is a coach who doesn't believe in being cookie cutter but serving his clients with a specific and uniquely crafted approach.  Andrew is gifted with presenting and his intuitive approach in one to one or workshops has been very successful. 


Ep 09: Arien Smith - Uncover Your Joy

April 18, 2017

Living joyously sums up Arien Smith.  His optimism and positivity shines through even after the challenges life has thrown his way.  He gives to others and believes compassion first which he lives and breathes.  Arien is passionate about bringing more joy and love to the world.


Ep 08: Helen Ryan - All Things Integrity

April 12, 2017

The amazing Helen Ryan is this week's guest.  She is a business integrity consultant who is into archetypal work.  She bridges the gap between personal beliefs and business.  Helen believes in a problem shared is a problem halved so helps us understand who we are and assist in helping step into things.  Integrity is Helen Ryan.


Ep 07: Devesh Kumar - Remove the Mask

April 5, 2017

Today's guest is Devesh Kumar who is supremely cool in giving us his vauable insights into how he helps people ignite their deepest passions and own their uniqueness.  He is a master of emotions and momentum and has lived the life of pain and self limiting beliefs.  Here how he has been able to turn that into a life of loving one self as well as having fun along the way. 


Ep 06: Cherie Rivas - The Total Package

March 29, 2017

The trailblazing Cherie Rivas is the total package when it comes to health and wellness.  She is a wellness coach who is qualified in psychology, personal training and getting close to being fully qualified as a nutritionist.  Cherie has led the work hard, party hard life and then had a lightning bolt of surprise at age 38.  Listen to the inspiring story that Cherie shares with us going from personal health and lifestyle struggles to being health conscious and there fully for her child.


Ep 05: Jacob Mcluskie - Inspirational Go-Getter

March 22, 2017

Jacob Mcluskie is one of the most inspiring young people I have met.  He is the owner of Positive Existence Personal Training and is someone who is sure of his place in the world and what he stands for. He has had challenges along the way but never has he given up on his dream of being the "starbucks of fitness" and to be an international success.  Listen to his great advice and how to conquer those fears.