Ep 27: Cynthia Zeki - For the Sensitives, Intuitives and Empathics

September 26, 2017

Cynthia Zeki is this weeks Ignite Your Life podcast guest.  She helps people experience and understand their feelings and other senses.  Cynthia has been on a journey of abuse, self discovery and change where she has learnt to love herself. 


Ep 26: Conny Graf - Swiss Rebel Clutter Clearer

September 19, 2017

Conny Graf is a Clutter Clearing Practitioner who takes her clients on a journey from chaos to peace.  She has changed countries, changed jobs and found her passion.  Conny lives for the day finds what she does so rewarding.  Have a listen and find out some key advice and how she is a swiss rebel.


Ep 25: Veronica Crystal Young - A Woman of Power and Purpose

September 12, 2017

Veronica Crystal Young has experienced trauma and abuse in her life.  How she empowered herself to change and go on the adventure of self discovery is captivating.  She has purposely done things that she was so afraid of and has taken action to change.  She believes we are responsible for the choices we make.  Learn about Fred in your Head, using emotions as your guidance system and asking the right questions.  A powerful, intense and enchanting interview.


Ep 24: Amy Green - Green and Growing

August 8, 2017

Amy Green has been in both teaching and leadership roles.  In these roles she noticed that teachers are stressed, unhappy and unsupported.  Her passion after seeking support for herself is working with teachers.  I love her grit and determination to work towards her goals.  Amy has found that understanding who she was and why she thinks certain ways has been key on her journey.


Ep 23: Brad Flynn - Genius Zone

August 1, 2017

Brad Flynn is my latest guest.  He is an Action Coach who gains his inspiration from his clients and community.  He seeks fulfillment through extraordinary business.  Brad does not want to die wondering, he is all in.  He also thinks the biggest challenge in life is to overcome your own stuff which is why he is so passionate in helping people do this.  Brad has been through the lows where he sucked at his own business, his health and personal life so knows how lucky he is to be able to now live his dream in business and personal life.


Ep 22: Trevor Carll - Better Thinking

July 25, 2017

Trevor Carll is a Mindset Development Consultant and Mentor who helps people create the mindset for success.  He has been through a lot of adversity and been deep into the darkness where he felt he was wearing a mask.  Now Trevor is so grateful for everything he has in his life and his purpose is to positively impact 10000 people's lives around the world.  His biggest piece of advice is if something burns for you, chase it, don't listen to the naysayers.


Ep 21: Tenielle Dorling - Laughter Guru

July 18, 2017

The beautiful Tenielle Dorling is a Bowen Therapist who loves a laugh, hence she is a Laughter Yoga Instructor.  Tenielle believes in laughing everyday and to live a life with no regrets.  She has experienced many jobs in her career and she finds such satisfaction in impacting others with positivity. 


Ep 20: Johnny Musumeci - A Man’s View

July 11, 2017

Johnny Musumeci is a Dating and Relationship Coach for Women, he helps women understand men from a man's view.  Johnny is a single dad who has been through the emotional struggles of separation and moving forward to do his best as a father to his children.  His vision is to reach out to as many women as possible to help out with communication and to embrace our differences.


Ep 19: Marcus Savidis - The Savi Solution

July 4, 2017

Marcus Savidis has experienced the highs and lows so knows all the ends of the spectrum.  He is full of compassion and understanding about what life can deliver.  Marcus inspires others to escape the fragility of fear and doubt and move towards self-love and self-trust.  If you want to know about Sales, Marcus is your man.  He can help you have those sales conversations comfortably and artfully whilst being heart-centred.  He shares with us how he got to this point in his life to be the savvy solution.


Ep 18: Ella - Love Coach

June 27, 2017

Ella (also known as Pam Ella) is such a Goddess.  She has created a rising of women across the world by calling them to embrace their Goddess too as well as igniting their inner fire and claiming their BRAVE.  Ella has such beautiful life force energy and talks about the importance of being grateful, balancing your masculine and feminine and how she overcame challenges such as Bulimia and drug addiction.  She can relate to so many people from her experiences and I am so appreciative of her ability to share her story. She wants to share with everyone a free mp3 to Take back your power: https://goddessinbody.com/power-meditation/.  Or go to her website tantraella.com.