Ep 109: Rae Skinner - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

March 20, 2019

Rae Skinner has been through a lot in her life, to the point where she wondered whether it was worth continuing living.  She has been able to turn it all around by prioritizing herself, helping herself first before helping others and understanding what has been holding herself back.  Rae is now a Women's Emotional Breakthrough Specialist & Empowerment Coach. Using a unique, world first, female only process called  Creatrix®, Rae permanently breaks through generational cycles, negative emotions, blocks and limiting beliefs that are holding women back from truly succeeding in life, instilling the confidence in them to realise their worth and go after their dreams. 

Ep 108: Andrea Brockbank - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

March 13, 2019

Andrea Brockbank has a deep understanding of people and has supported many through the journey of acute and chronic illness, and from the beginning of life through to the end of life. She has a deep Love, Enthusiasm and Motivation to support people in creating lives abundant in health, wealth and happiness.  For over 25 years Andrea has studied and implemented transformational success principles within her own life, and as a sought-after Speaker, Trainer and Certified Coach, Andrea's workshops and Coaching programs help people break through limitations and achieve greater results than they have ever known before.

Ep 107: Kymberley Carter-Paige - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

March 6, 2019

Kymberley Carter-Paige is a Qualified Advanced Hypnotherapist, Rapid Transformational Practitioner, Author and Public speaker.  Through studying quantum physics, neuroplasticity and how the subconscious mind often creates blockages from allowing you to live the life of your dreams, Kymberley has helped to unlock the secret to ‘The Secret’, through hypnosis. It has been an incredible journey and her mission is to help others achieve the life they want to live, just as she has.  Along with Transforming people’s lives, public speaking and training, her current projects include writing a book on ‘Stop I want to get off’, as well as writing a motivational/affirmation guide to help individuals form mindful daily living habits.  Her favourite mottos are “Stop existing and start living” and “Change your Mind Change your Reality”.

Ep 106: Anna Kaszycki - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

February 27, 2019

Anna Kaszycki was a world champion rower at 18 and has experienced much for a young person that has left her determined and persistent in being the best version of herself every day.  Anna is all about sharing her story and struggles with school aged kids, athletes and adults to encourage them to ACHIEVE their goals in life and what is possible in life beyond their initial goals.  She is the podcast host of Aspire Beyond Greatness, is a motivational speaker and Social Worker.  Anna loves to interview anyone that inspires her everyday for her podcast.  

Ep 105: Rachel Allan - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

February 20, 2019

Rachel Allan is an experienced marketing management professional who produces high-quality and results-focused marketing strategy.  Rachel’s passion is to help others to achieve their business dreams. She draws strength by connecting like-minded people, creating pathways and business opportunities for people, especially women, who want to develop and grow their own business.  Rachel’s expertise is in Integrated Marketing and marketing planning. Enabling business owners to think bigger about their business, and to see opportunity in a clear way.  She is a highly sought after speaker, coach and consultant, specialising in marketing strategy and mums in business.   Rachel’s mission is to see business owners become the best versions of themselves.

Ep 104: Shivanii Cameron - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

February 13, 2019

Helen (Shivanii) Cameron is a teacher and community development worker who has dabbled in video production for forest conservation, community sustainability, and alternative health. She is now turning her hand to an area that ticks all the boxes for her through her business Real Life Theatre, working with community groups to investigate social issues with a healthy mixture of games and improvisations.  Shivanii shares her eclectic life and how she believes you must be true to yourself.

Ep 103: Themis Thomas - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

February 11, 2019

Themis Thomas has been to hell and back in her life.  Now she lives purposefully, by loving herself and others deeply and unconditionally, in every moment and her vision for the ripples of this intimate, connected space we hold, to vibrate love via truth and freedom throughout the entire Universe.  Listen to her story of settling into her being rather than in the doing.  Themis lives intuitively in Greece.

Ep 102: Lisa Marie Simmons - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

February 6, 2019

Born in Colorado, Lisa Marie Simmons began singing at a very young age and was featured soloist with the Boulder Youth Choir. At 19, she moved to New York City to study theater and music at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts and perform in pop, funk, soul, blues and jazz bands throughout the Manhattan club circuit at night. From 1993 until 1997, Lisa explored and performed music in Amsterdam, Costa Rica, St. Maarten and France, where she began to compose her own music and lyrics. She continued her travels through Central and South America, and eventually returned to Europe. From her home on the coast of Italy’s beautiful Lake Garda, Lisa collaboratively leads two different ensembles – Hippie Tendencies and NoteSpeak – each deeply but differently informed by the struggles and triumphs in her own life.  Her sharing of her journey with being adopted is inspiring.

Ep 101: John Broadbent - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

February 4, 2019

John Broadbent is a Wise Elder, he has a burning passion to explore all of life’s experiences and is always willing to listen and guide, calling on his experience and practical wisdom.  He continues to enjoy the journey of discovery, both of himself and the psychological underpinnings of business, with a specific focus on Leadership and how we can all become more effective in leading those around us.  John’s exposure to other cultures, ceremony and ritual has greatly influenced and significantly widened his worldview, as well as his intuition.

Ep 100: Sally Saint - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

January 30, 2019

Sally Saint finds that following her truth ignites her.  She is an artist, writer, healer and speaker and has worked as an energy worker for over 16 years.  Sally parents from the heart and has been so transformed by her mothering journey she now reaches out to support others.  Her passion for supporting parents so they make decisions from the heart rather than from what society dictates is inspiring.