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Ep 232: Cyn Hannah - Power of a Vision

Ep 232: Cyn Hannah - Power of a Vision

January 12, 2022

Cyn Hannah’s passion is empowering people to achieve tangible results so they can say, “I love my life!” A transformational life and business coach, Cyn teaches clients her formula for success, outlining the steps she took to move from tragedy to triumph, which can move you from a good life to a great life. 

Cyn has shared the stage with the likes of internationally acclaimed transformational teacher, Mary Morrissey and actress and wellness advocate, Mariel Hemingway.

Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to numerous successful ventures prior to becoming a coach, including working in Hollywood as a television producer and being a member of the Directors Guild of America, owning a high-tech recruiting firm focusing on the Silicon Valley. 

Free eBook: https://www.cynhannah.com/morningpractice

Vision workshop: https://cynhannah.com/live-a-life-you-love/

Ep 231: Kim Taylor - The Ultimate Communicator

Ep 231: Kim Taylor - The Ultimate Communicator

January 5, 2022

If you’re seeking clarity and want to thrive in your communication, and you’re aware your communication challenges are hindering you, Kim Taylor, CEO of Ultimate Communicator, will assess, develop, and refine your skills using a comprehensive wholistic approach. This process includes giving you an in-depth understanding into your unique and personal communication style using her powerful Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™ Profiling Tool.

Kim is the founder of the 9 Steps to Ultimate Communicator Training System. She is an impassioned Communication Coach, Mentor, Trainer and Author with a strong business and hospitality background.

With over 20 years of experience in delivering talks and presentations to organisations, such as, James Cook University, Rotary International, Bunnings, Big W and Toastmasters, she is often asked to provide motivational keynote speeches and is honoured to jump at the chance.

She takes deep and humble pride in being able to open the door for professionals seeking to overcome their limitations and improve their communication, message development and public speaking skills. 

Kim's signature one-on-one and group Ultimate Communicator Coaching programs and proven communication training systems guide clients so that they can master the ability to communicate in any speaking situation. 

In 2020, she expanded her services to include her exclusive Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™, which add powerful insights to the development of a wider and deeper diversity of communication skills development potential for her clients.

What Kim has found is, when you understand your unique communication style, it enables you to have flexibility around your own speaking style and thrive as a professional.

If you're curious to know your unique Ultimate Communicator Archetypes™ (UCA’s) and how it influences you both personally and professionally, she'd love to offer you her UCA Profiling Tool, which only takes 8 mins to do. Plus, you’ll receive a 20-min (obligation free) tailored conversation with Kim where she will give you insight into where your strengths lie, any challenges and some suggestions on how you can reach your desired goals when it comes to communicating and sharing your message.

Here’s the link https://ultimatecommunicator.com.au/be-ultimate/ultimate-communicator-archetypes/

Ep 230: Corby Furrow - Conscious EFT

Ep 230: Corby Furrow - Conscious EFT

December 15, 2021

Corby Furrow is a Transformational Catalyst; her mission is to liberate people-pleasers and over givers from the pain and suffering of self-doubt to authentic self-empowerment where they fully embrace the joy and happiness they have been craving.

By going on her own unintended healing journey after losing her job of 25 years, Corby knows the power of transformation and what true joy and love feels like.  Corby is known for her down-to-earth spirit and brings much warmth, kindness and laughter into her work while gently but firmly holding her clients accountable to themselves.

She is a certified Executive Coach, a Master Conscious EFTTM trainer, facilitator, author and speaker. In her down time, she loves spending time in nature, with people she loves and her dog.

Ep 229: Christina Martel - Celebrating Silver

Ep 229: Christina Martel - Celebrating Silver

December 8, 2021

After a successful management career in cutting-edge technology, Christina Martel, the quintessential native New Yorker, was ready for a change. Relocating to Southern California, she joined the entrepreneurial world, establishing the Martel Insurance Alliance, which has thrived now for almost two decades.

Now, this dynamic broker has truly found her niche, devoting this current phase of her career to making Medicare simple. Whether through personal consultations or group presentations, sharing her signature talk, “Taking Clients from Medicare Hell to Medicare Heaven”, Christina patiently educates her grateful clients on their options among the many plans. She cites her empathy, accessibility, and dedication to her clients’ overall understanding as the principal keys to her success. 

An avid philanthropist and community supporter, Christina has recently co-founded Celebrating Silver, an alliance of women in their prime who have lived long, learned well, and refuse to give away their power or give in to demeaning ageist stereotypes. “Silver” women deserve to be truly seen, heard without judgment, and to contribute to the workforce if they choose. Aging is a privilege, and Christina believes we should all make the most of it! It’s all about R-O-A-R-R - Reclaiming Older Adult Rights & Respect!

Join Christina and celebrate your silver!

Ep 228: Keshia Butler-Thomas - Permission to be Authentic on Social Media

Ep 228: Keshia Butler-Thomas - Permission to be Authentic on Social Media

December 1, 2021

With clients worldwide, Keshia Butler-Thomas, affectionately known as Coach Kesh, helps her clients elevate their businesses and brands through the usage of data-driven social media methodology. As the founder of Thrive Academy, she has taught her clients how to create an audience of loyal customers using social media despite the algorithm to advance their brands.

Voted New Jersey’s Top 40 Under 40 Executives in 2018, Coach Kesh is also the host of "Stop Surviving, Start Thriving!" on RVNTV Network streaming to all Roku, AppleTV, and Amazon Devices. She is also the Thursday Morning Co-Host of “Morning Coffee” on Roku TV.

Keshia found a need in the marketplace to serve entrepreneurs who we’re ready to start, build or scale their companies online. With that realization in mind and a passion for serving, she created a company centered around building out actionable plans for success rooted in authenticity to provide online audiences with an opportunity to experience not just the products or services her clients provide, but to experience why her clients are the best in their industries.

Ep 227: Jessica Derksen - Habits to Live the Life you Love

Ep 227: Jessica Derksen - Habits to Live the Life you Love

November 24, 2021

Jessica Derksen, Your Life Revitalization Specialist is the founder of True To You Lifestyle. Jessica is a certified health and life coach, speaker, facilitator, mentor to women in business and host of the True To You Podcast.

Jessica’s purpose is to encourage, inspire and offer tools to help women be the hero of their own story. She focuses on mastering your habits, finding your purpose and living a life that you love, while feeling incredible from the inside out!

Jessica wants to show the world that we can all have the life of our dreams and that it starts from within. It starts with positive self-talk, focusing on your habits, and letting go of old beliefs that don't serve us. Her motto is: If you want a different ending, tell a different story.

Ep 226: Patti Dell‘Osso - Helping Animals Heal with Reiki

Ep 226: Patti Dell‘Osso - Helping Animals Heal with Reiki

November 17, 2021

Patti Dell’Osso is a happily retired mother, grandmother, and cat momma.    After being faced with a life-threatening illness she changed the direction of her life and ultimately became a Reiki Master Teacher and Animal Reiki Practitioner living in Ontario, Canada. She is the owner of Peacock Spirit Animal Reiki.

Patti spends her time helping animals (and people) heal in whatever way they need, whether physical, mental, or emotional.  She is passionate about what she does and is grateful for the gifts she has to offer.

Ep 225: Jo Hassan - Why Vitality Matters

Ep 225: Jo Hassan - Why Vitality Matters

November 10, 2021

Jo Hassan is a Vitality Expert. Her obsession is helping people have more vitality in their work and lives, so they achieve their goals faster and with more joy. She has been speaking and coaching for 25 years.

She speaks at the intersection of mental health and business. What makes her unique is that she’s lived through some of her own vitality challenges in having businesses. She also has battle scars through mental health misery having experienced clinical depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. She wrote about her recovery in the book “Full Circle- Building Resilience in Business and Life from the Jagged Edges of PTSD” which is an Amazon bestseller.

Jo sees life now through a lens where she’s passionate that people experience healthful balance in their lives every day through her trademarked PEPP® model. PEPP® stands for Purpose, Energy, Pleasure and Profit. She wants fun to be part of the daily formula for success rather than something special to strive towards. When people take planned time away from their work situation they return with renewed enthusiasm, vibrancy and vitality.

For her own pleasure time, Jo kicks a foot bike for fitness, enjoys sailing her yacht “Vitality” and having dinner parties to try out new recipes on friends. She is a lover of all things pink especially flamingos and sparkles; she wears pink every day.

For community, Jo supports a number of causes and is active as an ambassador for R U OK? Day talking about how to reduce suicide.

Ep 224: Lisa Evans - Starting Over at 40

Ep 224: Lisa Evans - Starting Over at 40

November 3, 2021

Lisa Evans helps leaders to transform their communication with high impact public speaking and business storytelling ability. She is a Public Speaking and Business Storytelling Coach, CEO of Speaking Savvy and the Soft Skills Academy, the Curator of Stories From The Heart, TEDx Speaker Coach, Author, Radio Show Presenter, Improv Actor, and host of Business Chat Podcast.  Lisa’s website is: https://www.speakingsavvy.com.au/

Ep 223: Michelle Powell - Leaving Anxiety & Depression Behind

Ep 223: Michelle Powell - Leaving Anxiety & Depression Behind

October 27, 2021

Michelle Powell is a Holistic Health Practitioner who specialises in trauma recovery. She has been a wellness professional since 2003 and is the author of 3 times Amazon best seller “The Mastery of Wellness”. Michelle takes people from their lowest to being genuinely happy. Outside of wellness Michelle has a great passion for nature and a deep love for horses and that's where she is with every free moment she has. 

Here is the link to a free resource from Michelle:


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