Ep 98: Tessa Richter - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

January 16, 2019

Based on her experience and skills as a performing musician and creative artist, Tessa Richter has been coaching business people, helping them find their calling or simply the next step in their career. She uses traditional coaching methods as well as more unconventional ones, such as imagery, meditation and guided inner journeys and also helps people market and present themselves before an audience.  Tessa believes that following your inner voice regardless of acknowledgement is important. 


Ep 97: Eddie Fraser - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

January 9, 2019

Eddie Fraser plays an active role within his local community and he aspires to enhance social justice and has a drive to ensure equality. He is 26 years old and a recently Admitted Lawyer of the Supreme Court of Queensland. Eddie holds a great dedication and willingness to learn.  He is looking to grow and develop in his chosen field and aims to make a difference in all he does and hopes that he can inspire others to dare to drive their dreams.  Eddie is such a giver to others and has such character and resilience for what life throws at him. 


Ep 96: Devorah Cutler-Rubenstein - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

January 2, 2019

Devorah (“Devo”) Cutler-Rubenstein’s passion for storytelling and artistic expression brought her to Cal Arts where she earned her BFA in Film and Television.  Upon graduation Devo launched her career in the entertainment industry, which included a stint as Director of Literary Affairs at Columbia Pictures Television and Exec Producing features.  Devo received a Masters in Professional Writing from the University of Southern California, Dornsife College of Letters, Arts & Sciences. As CEO of The Script Broker®, Devo helps writers get their material ready to market. She was named Best Pitching Coach 2012 by “Hollywood & Vine Magazine.” As a poet and author her short stories have won awards and her book, DATING YOUR CHARACTER… A Sexy Guide to Screenwriting for Film & TV was published in 2016 by Stairway Press.  Devo lives in West Hollywood, California, with her husband, Scott; dog, Jumper Jackson; cat, Tsunami and four koi fish, Joseph, Noah, Samuel and Gefilte – the best swimmer of the bunch!


Ep 95: Natajsa Wagner - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

December 26, 2018

Natajsa Wagner is a Relationship Psychotherapist & Coach.  She helps men and women who are ready to attract & maintain their powerful and long-lasting partnership. Whether you are single, dating or committed, Natajsa is your relationship strategist and wing-woman rolled into one. She will help you rewire the old relationships habits that aren’t working and equip you with the tools and strategies you need to feel empowered to create real, sustainable change in the arena of love & relationships.  Natajsa shares with us the importance of investing in yourself before the pain comes.


Ep 94: Leanne Whitehouse - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

December 19, 2018

Leanne Whitehouse has a history in the insurance, real estate, fashion design and share trading industries.  She is a mother of 2 “chalk-n-cheese’ teen boys and the princess of a wonderful life partner.  Least of all, but potentially most important of all she is a Traumatic brain injury survivor of 30 years and she continues to live her life of daily individual needs and challenges.  Her attitude to life is to find your passion and go for it.


Ep 93: Tammy Richie - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

December 12, 2018

Tammy Richie’s story is a powerful reminder to us about what we are truly capable of as human beings.  Drawn from suffering this experience and a desire to help others avoid the pain she had been through...and then the traumatic events with her and her children’s failing health over time...Tammy intimately understands how to overcome life's greatest challenges and how to live by "re-design". Central to Tammy’s message is the critical importance of removing the clutter in your life and creating much needed space so you can listen and be guided by your inner GPS System, your intuition.


Ep 92: Dean Salakas - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

December 5, 2018

Dean Salakas is the Chief Party Dude of The Party People. He launched Australia’s first online party store, started Australia’s largest bricks and mortar store and is now looking to grow his store network Australia wide. The Party People was the first company in Australia on Google Adwords and continues to pioneer to stay ahead of their industry.  Dean shares his story of challenges to get the business going after he and his brother took it over from their parents but it's his passion and drive that has led him to his success today.  www.thepartypeople.com.au


Ep 91: Kerri Yarsley - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

November 28, 2018

Kerri Yarsley was born in Melbourne, Australia and she has studied Biochemistry, Microbiology, Education, and Computers at university, worked as a Systems Programmer and attained Fitness Leader’s qualifications and trained in martial arts. More recently she has diplomas in Business and Project Management and also has a variety of interests including music, art and further martial arts.

Kerri has learned how to deal with a stressful environment the hard way after a period of time when she developed epilepsy. Without taking any drugs, she was able to change that painful experience into one that has brought more joy, emotional and mental release and knowledge, than she could have imagined.

In 2011, Kerri wrote “The Instruction Manual for Kids – Parent’s Edition” because there wasn’t one, and it seemed to be needed more and more. She was later invited to author a piece about “Truth” for the 1000 Ripple Effects anthology.


Ep 90: Jo Fresta - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

November 21, 2018

Jo Fresta is a 1000 Ripple Effects author who has a Diploma of Professional Counselling, a Certificate in Metaphysics and uses yoga to still herself and to practice mindfulness.  She is passionate about the disconnection between our body and spirit and the need to heal that within our self.  Jo has worked with Eating Disorders for a number of years and her experience with eating issues has taught her that our eating style is an attempt to tell us something important about how we are living our life. Eating disorders are not about food it is a sign that we out of alignment with our self.  This struggle of conflict and difficulties is the message to stop and listen to the deepest and wisest part of our self of what we need to do to reconnect to our body and spirit so that we can feel whole.


Ep 89: Rosie Bason - 1000 Ripple Effects Author

November 14, 2018

Rosie Baron is our latest 1000 Ripple Effects Author who shares her story of a very different upbringing - sailing the world to now having her feet firmly on the ground living an awesome life.  Rosie is owner of Byron Bay Chakra-puncture and Byron Bay Mobile Massage and she inspires and support her clients along the way to change their patterns of behaviour as well as many other conditions.  Her belief is to “give it a go and don’t be afraid” as well as to stop listening to that negative inner voice.